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Plastic Tapes

We manufacture and sell a wide range of adhesive tapes for industrial, commercial and consumer uses. We manufacture our range of adhesive tapes by using different types of raw materials, such as BOPP film, crepe paper and kraft paper which exhibit various tensile strength as base material. By using different glue formulations, we are able to produce adhesive tapes with varying degrees of bonding strength and adhesiveness to suit our customers' requirements. We have a wide range of adhesive tapes which includes BOPP adhesive tapes and more specialised tapes such as double-sided oil base tapes.

Our adhesive tapes are sold mainly to customers in the packaging, food and beverage, electronics, construction and shoe making industries.

The types of adhesive tapes that we produce are set out below:

Type of adhesive tapes


Our products

BOPP adhesive tapes

BOPP Tapes

Our BOPP adhesive tapes are manufactured using BOPP film and coating the BOPP film with acrylic based adhesives in different coating thickness for different types of adhesive tapes.

BOPP adhesive tapes are used for:
- sealing carton boxes; and
- stationery in offices and homes.

If required by customers, we are able to print trademarks, logos, names and specified wordings or designs on the BOPP adhesive tapes. We are also able to provide BOPP adhesive tapes in various colours.

Packaging adhesive tapes - transparent BOPP adhesive tapes.

Printed adhesive tapes - BOPP adhesive tapes printed with trademarks, logos, wordings and designs in up to 4 colours.

Colour adhesive tapes - BOPP adhesive tapes in bright and rich colours for labelling.

Stationery adhesive tapes - transparent adhesive tapes for general stationery use.

Masking Tapes

Masking Tapes

Our masking tapes are manufactured using crepe paper.

Masking tapes are used for sealing and masking light to medium paper carton packaging. Masking tapes are also used during spray-painting of vehicles and home renovations to cover areas that should not be painted.

Crepe paper masking tapes for sealing, packaging and spray painting purposes.

Double-sided Adhesive Tapes

Double-sided Adhesive Tapes

Our double-sided adhesive tapes are manufactured using cotton paper with adhesive on both sides of the cotton paper.

Double-sided tapes are used for holding and securing lightweight items back-to-back and are used in home, office and commercial applications.

Double-sided water based adhesive tapes -
for general adhesive purpose.

Double-sided oil-based and yellow oil based adhesive tapes - for securing cloth and fabrics, such as in shoemaking.

Double-sided embroidery adhesive tapes - for use in computerised machine embroidery and which can be reused repeatedly.

Kraft Paper Adhesive Tapes

Kraft Paper Adhesive Tapes

Our kraft paper adhesive tapes are manufactured using kraft paper.

Kraft paper adhesive tapes are nontoxic, odour-free adhesive tapes used in packaging, especially in conditions of strong sunlight and low temperatures due to their strong adhesiveness.

General purpose kraft paper adhesive tapes.

Aluminium Tapes

Aluminium Tapes

Aluminium adhesive tapes are used widely for food packaging, especially in frozen food packaging due to its ability to maintain its adhesiveness at low temperatures.

Commercial tapes used mainly in frozen food packaging.