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Release Papers & Film
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Release Papers & Film

We manufacture and sell release papers which are used as a protective backing on adhesive tapes or other adhesive material to protect the adhesive tapes or adhesive material from losing their adhesiveness. An example of release papers is the backing on paper label sheets. When the paper label is to be used, the paper label is peeled off from the release paper and the release paper is discarded.

We manufacture and sell two types of release papers:



Glassine silicone coated release papers

Glassine Silicone Coated Release Papers

Our glassine silicone coated release papers are manufactured using glassine paper and silicone adhesive coating. Glassine paper is a very smooth and grease resistant paper.

Our glassine silicone coated release papers are used as backing for products such as double-sided tapes, labels and anti-fake-labels.

CCK release papers

CCK Release Papers

Our CCK release papers are manufactured using kraft paper which is a high quality, pure wood paper with the ability to withstand temperatures of up to 170°C.

Our CCK release papers are used in high quality packaging and printing, as backing for the manufacture of carbon fibre products such as golf shafts, fishing rods and grips for sporting goods.

Extending our technical capabilities from the production of release papers, we have started the production of a new product – UV cured release film – in the first quarter of FY2009.




UV cured release film

UV Cured Release Film

The new UV cured release film line uses UV curing silicones instead of high temperature curing silicones. This new production method is more cost-effective and incurs less wastage.

UV cured release film is used in the manufacturing of personal hygiene products.